In recognition of the working poor

On Labor Day we are honored to have met and and know so many of hardworking field workers, and we stand in awe of their incredibly high work ethic and commitment to their families and communities.

Don’t EVER repeat the lie “the poor are lazy” in front of us…

Open trip April 5-7


Join in building a house for this deserving family. Cost is $195 which covers food and lodging. An additional $45 if you require transportation. You can pay online in the "other box" and indicate "Megan M" trip.

We will meet up in San Diego Friday April 5th - and return to San Diego Sunday, April 7th in the evening.

Meet the Rojas Joaquín family of 7! Rojas Joaquin & Leticia Joaquín Ortiz, their two children, José Luis (4 years old) and Alisson Guadalupe (one month old) along with Mrs. Cira Ortiz, Mr. Menecio Joaquin and José Joaquin will soon have a home with a roof, floors, and protection from the cold! Luis and Leticia work long and hard in the agricultural field as laborers making $200 pesos for 8 hours a day. They had previously rented the land paying $1,500 pesos per month for a small, drafty, 8 square meter room with a plastic roof, old wooden walls, and a dirt floor without much protection from inclement weather conditions (especially during the rainy season). They cook using a small stove or with firewood outside.

I've set up a team to travel to Ensenada, Mexico between April 5th & 7th to build a house with Baja Bound Ministries to welcome this hard working family into their first home! I'm hoping to raise $10,000 to cover the costs of the building.

Please consider donating to this amazing cause! I promise to post pictures of the experience so you can see the results of your kind donation! Together, we can make a difference in the world! EVERY SINGLE small donation helps!!!

Azusa Pacific University entrusts a legacy to Baja Bound


Azusa Pacific University recently announced they will be endorsing the bulk of their student missions work in the Ensenada area to Baja Bound.

“This is really a big day for our organization. To be entrusted with such a long and storied relationship as APU has with Baja area, it really is overwhelming. We know APU groups have many strong relationships with local ministries and we can’t wait to leverage those partnership to further God’s Kingdom”.

John Rose - Director

In announcing the change to partner schools and churches, APU’s Associate Vice-President for Local and Global Engagement Matt Browning stated:

“For 25 years, Baja Bound has provided critical ministries to Mexico, including building houses and overseeing education programs, and the organization enjoys an excellent reputation. “

Plans are currently underway to to perfectly mirror the APU program with a new BAJA CAMPO program run by Baja Bound. Summer 2019 will have three “Baja Campo Weeks”.


Oh baby, just in time

Last weekend we arrived at the new worksite to discover a visibly pregnant mom anxiously waiting to move out of her shack and into her new home.

While dedicating the home on Sunday we all noticed mom was missing. Why? Dad proudly told us she was birthing her second child (daughter, perfect health) while we were dedicating their new home!

How wonderful that mom and child arrive back from hospital to a new home!

Helping the poor, helping the environment

We are pleased to collaborate with some forward thinking groups as we build homes in Baja.  This week our group chose to bless their family with a solar system.  This will save the family a lot of money, and help our planet.  We are inspired by the many ways our groups creatively serve the poor and needy of Baja, Mexico. 


Hey families, small groups, or individuals: Fall Open Trips have space for you


Friday, August 31 - Sunday, September 2nd RONNIE KING open trip.


Friday, September 21 - Sunday, September 23 Adam and Felecia Kelly



Friday, September 28th - Sunday, September 30th Mali Woods Team Leader

Mar 2017 - Natalia Cebollero Birthday!

Baja Bound's one and only Nati gathered a group of family and friends to celebrate her 23rd birthday Puerto Rican style. At just 23 Nati is our youngest house build organizer. She's been volunteering with Baja Bound now for 3 years and has an incredible heart for the people of Baja. Her weekend was spent with people who travelled across thousands of miles to help her celebrate and do what she does best and that's love the working poor. Here are her highlights. 

Jan 2017 - The Greatness Foundation / Mike's Birthday!

They just keep coming back! I think they like us....or maybe they love the impact they're having on these precious and valuable people! This weekend was filled with cars so full of groceries for needy families we couldn't close the doors, sticky fingers from patching leaky roofs, dirty shoes from soccer, dirt stained cheeks from the tears of stories of hardship, splintered fingers and love. Did we mention is was The Greatness Foundation founders birthday!? Happy birthday Mike Sherbakov!