Baja Educational Initiative launching NOW!

Over the years we have encountered some exceptional young men and women while working around Baja.  We have grieved over the reality that many talented young children in Baja will never reach their full academic potential. Guess what: we have decided to do something BIG about this.  We have set a goal of raising funds to support 25 exceptional young students per year.  If this sounds interesting we could use your financial support right now. Click here

Feb 2014 - Cindy's 40th Birthday Build!

Our dear friend Cindy decided to celebrate her 40th Birthday by gathering her friends and family to join her in gifting a single mom and her children with a new home. This weekend was a beautiful picture of how we can all be agents of change! What a perfect balance of serving alongside your favorite friends, giving hope to a precious family, celebrating a beloved friend's birthday and delighting in the rugged beauty of this region.

Christmas 2013 - Journey

Three families received homes over the Christmas break as Journey Church joined forces with several other churches in the L.A. region! We are so thankful for this incredible band of brothers and sisters that represent Christ's love each year!

Thanksgiving 2013 - Sunridge

For the past several years, Sunridge has been faithfully coming to Baja over Thanksgiving break to build a home for a needy family. How appropriate to give back to others out of hearts of gratitude! We are so thankful for this generous team!

Jan 2013 -Rancho Vista Church

Every year Rancho Vista faithfully serves the people of Baja by providing a family with a new, warm and insulated home. We are grateful for their consistent ministry to the poor and oppressed of Baja and for their tireless leader and director, John Rose!

Sept 2013 - Rock MACS

The Rock MACS gathered together this summer to gift a single mom and her family with a new home. This team knows how to work hard and have a great time! The family was touched by their love, generosity and compassion throughout the week. Thank you, Rock Church, for being the Gospel in action!

August 2013 - Baja Framing Trip

So thankful for this faithful group of men and women who came together to build phase one of a home for the Perez family of 8! The children and parents were empowered as they labored alongside this team to help build their new home!

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

"What a memorable Memorial Day weekend" our team had as they labored alongside one another in record time to complete this home for Antonio and his beloved family! 14 people are now in a safe, clean environment and we are so thrilled to announce that we will be building a second house for them later this summer! Thankful for the provision of generous souls like the ones pictured below...

Spring Break 2013 - Linfield

Forty-six teens from Linfield School spent their spring break giving back to a needy family. How refreshing it is to see such a great team of young people selflessly serving others...thank you Linfield for your life-changing gift!

Spring Break 2013 - River Church

Several families from River Church in Palos Verdes spent their vacation time building a home for a family that was living in a cold, drafty tent. Parents served side by side with their children as they brought hope to others and created family memories that will last a lifetime! Thank you River Church for being an example of family life done well!

April 2013 - Shalom

Our beloved team from Michigan spent a great week in February transforming the lives of two families in need while getting some much needed vitamin D in Baja! They also spent time serving at a local orphanage, stocking the families' homes with much needed items and enjoying the local flavors and sites of the region. Always a pleasure to have this awesome team with us!

Christmas 2012 - Journey

Journey Church brought their incredible team again and changed the lives of three families this past Christmas by gifting them with new homes! What a joy it is to see this amazing team bring the hope of the gospel to the lives of so many by their love and service. Thank you Journey Church!

Thanksgiving 2012 - Sunridge

Sunridge Church gathered together over Thanksgiving weekend to gift this family with a proper home. This region gets windy, wet and cold and a makeshift tent is no place to raise a family...Thank you Sunridge for your kindness and generosity!

Labor Day Weekend 2012 - Harbor Church and The Rock

Two churches, Harbor and The Rock, had a fantastic Labor Day Weekend as they joined forces to build for a sweet family of five. This team managed to finish the home in only 2 1/2 days while immersing themselves fully with the family and surrounding neighbors. Over the course of the weekend the team became very attached to the children. The oldest, Eduardo, is highly motivated and making excellent grades in school. Moved by his determination, a team member is now sponsoring him for his educational expenses, taking another step further to reversing the cycle of poverty in this region!

Rancho Vista Church - August 2012

Rancho Vista Church sent their "A" team this past August to complete a home for a family of 10 who were living in a cardboard structure they called home. This church build project happened to fall on the hottest days of the summer but it did not stop this group of seasoned builders from doing what they do best: building, loving, serving and eating tacos! Thankful for the ongoing commitment from RVC to love and bring hope to the people of Baja!

Shalom Lutheran - July 2012

In July we welcomed a team from the great state of Michigan. We were overwhelmed by this selfless group of amazing teens and their leaders who spent a week with us serving in Baja. Not only did they completely transform the lives of a single mom and her three kids by gifting them with a new home but they also invested extra time in getting to know them. On the day the team presented the family with their new home, they opened the door to discover special gifts for each family member located throughout the home. Each one wept out of gratitude for the generosity and love shown to them!

June 2012 - Trinity School of Manhattan

This past June we welcomed a team of High School students from Trinity School in Manhattan to build a house for a single mom, named Ruffina. Ruffina has eight children but had to place the younger children in an orphanage due to her unfit living conditions. Thanks to the generosity of this team, the family has been reunited and they are now living in a warm and suitable home!

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

We had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend serving a local orphanage and assisting the Village of Hope with their large Cosecha event. Literally thousands of people from the local villages showed up for this village celebration...Families received food, donations and the message of the Gospel!