Journey Church Winter 2011

One of the primary metaphors God uses to describe heaven is a feast, literally a party! The implications of this truth are that God's people should be a party people that lead others into God's banqueting hall. A hall that echoes with song, celebration, laughter and the buzz of a hundred conversations that unequivocally states that we're a reconciled people. A modern biblical scholar once said, "the Kingdom of God is a party." If this is true, we all have much to learn from the mission team from Journey Covenant Church who constructed four homes over a five-day window between Christmas and New Year's Day. On the last evening Journey Church hosted a party for the recipients of the new homes, their neighbors and many of the surrounding villages. Families made their way to the celebration by various modes of transportation and received a heroes welcome as the Journey team lined the entry way greeting guests with shouts of joy, clapping and a heart-felt embrace. Over 300 guests entered the banquet hall and gathered for a hot meal, worship, the breaking of several piƱatas and an evening not soon to be forgotten. For one evening on a chilly Baja night, probably not unlike the eve of Christ's nativity, the Son of God's presence was felt again in our broken world. This time not through the incarnation, but in the manner He comes in this present age: through His church. The leadership of Baja Bound is humbled by the presence of Christ we experienced through His people at Journey Covenant Church and extend our gratitude for giving the people of Ensenada a taste of the coming age where Jesus rules forever!